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This site is dedicated t
o information about PowerBuilder Foundation Class Library. What will you find here?

PFC MAG - A PFC Web-zine containing PFC related articles and product reviews.

FAQ - A comprehensive and growing list of frequently asked questions, organized in easy to find categories.

Download - A collection of PFC documents, utilities, and other files.

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If you find that this site has helped you in any way, you can pay us back by contributing. Have you spent a few hours trying to figure out the ins and outs of a PFC service? Have you discovered a slick trick? Please share it with others! Please also share this other site about new casino sites as it could be of interest to online gaming fans. Check the contribution guidelines if you are interested in providing tips, techniques, or extensions.
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Take a look at the web-based news reader for the Powersoft / Sybase Newsgroups.

The application is intended to allow access to Powersoft newsgroups when the news reader is not available or when your company has blocked access to all NNTP newsgroups.

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SDN CodeXchange is a forum - organized by projects - to exchange code samples, utilities, scripts, stored procedures, or other tools created by members that makes Sybase products easier to use.
Watch for upcoming PFC CodeXchange projects for both PFC extensions as well as collaborative development on bringing PFC in step with today's technology.