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PFC 6.0 objects, separated from PFC and modified for use in native PB 6.0 projects.
  • String Service
  • Date and Time Service
  • Resize Service
  • DataWindow Resize Service
  • Dropdown Calendar
  • Dropdown Calculator
  • Progress Bar
PFC 6.0 Split Bar object exported for use in PFC 5.0 projects.
PFC 6.0 Progress Bar object exported for use in PFC 5.0 projects.
PFC 6.0 Datawindow Resize Service objects exported for use in PFC 5.0 projects.
Department Extension Layer

Bill Green Inherit... Save... Inherit... Save... Inherit... Save...
If you are attempting to create a departmental extension layer, you are probably no stranger to these menu items. Bill Green has created a department layer for you. Contains PFD (Departmental layer), and PFE (Application layer). See Readme.txt for instructions.
PFC Cheat Sheet
Dec, 1999
Sharon Buntz A comprehensive document listing the available resources for PFC related information. An on-line version of this document is available at .
Howard Block A summary of major PFC objects and services available for each object. Allows to quickly determine what type of functionality is included in PFC for a specific object.

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