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Numerical Service Extension

Ver. 1.02
Contributed by Lijun Yang




  1. Add functions for data conversion among binary, hexadecimal and decimal
  2. Change decimal data type from long to ulong in order to correct errors in data conversion and bitwise operations
  3. Rewrite bitwise operations in order to increase performance as well as to correct errors in data conversion and bitwise operations. As a result, the extended bitwise operations are 7 times faster than the original pfc’s. It is quite efficient to use this n_cst_numerical for encryption and decryption.


  1. Add of_hex (as_binary), of_hex (aul_decimal), of_binary (as_hex), and of_decimal(as_data, ai_datatype)
  2. For individual bits, use PB script equivalents in place of bitwise operations as follows:
Bitwise Operation PB script
a && b a*b
a || b int ((a+b+1)/2)
a XOR b mod(a+b, 2)
!a 1-a

Usage :

  1. For binary to decimal conversion, call of_decimal (as_data, 0)
  2. for binary to hexadecimal conversion, call of_hex (as_binary)
  3. For hexadecimal to decimal conversion, call of_decimal (as_data, 1)
  4. For hexadecimal to binary conversion, call of_binary(as_hex)
  5. For decimal to hexadecimal conversion, call of_hex (aul_decimal)

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Revision History
08/19/1997 Initial Revision Ver. 1.00
10/13/1997 Changed the A XOR B bitwise operation from abs(a-b) to mod(a+b, 2) Ver. 1.01
03/14/1998 Corrected an error in binary-hexadecimal conversion Ver. 1.02

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