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Windows NT Event Logging Service

Ver. 1.00
Contributed by Roy Kiesler

This is an extension to the PFC error service. It provides the capability to log error messages in the Windows NT event log instead of the standard text file or database.

The Object

n_cst_error_nt inherited from n_cst_error.

Object Functions

Function Description
of_SetRange Defines a range of error severity values for each type of event.
of_GetRange Determines the event type for a given severity value.
of_ProcessLog Adds an entry in the Windows NT event log (overriding ancestor.)

Enabling The Service

The service is enabled by calling an overridden version n_cst_appmanager's of_SetError() function, as shown in listing 1 below.
Listing 1:  Override of function of_SetError() for n_cst_appmanager object
//  Function:       of_SetError     
//  Access:         public
//  Arguments:
//  ab_switch       True - start (create) the service,
//                  False - stop (destroy) the service
//  Returns:        Integer
//                   1 - Successful operation.
//                   0 - No action taken.
//                  -1 - An error was encountered.
//  Description:    Starts or stops the Error Handling Service. This function is
//                  overloaded to create an error service with NT event logging
//                  features instead of the standard PFC n_cst_error object.
//  Revision History
//  Version
//  6.0   Initial version

// Check arguments
IF IsNull(ab_switch) THEN
    RETURN -1
End IF

// Check operating system
IF this.ienv_object.OSType <> WindowsNT! THEN
    RETURN -1

IF ab_Switch THEN
    IF IsNull(inv_error) OR NOT IsValid (inv_error) THEN
        inv_error = CREATE n_cst_error_nt
        inv_error.of_SetUser( this.of_GetUserID() )
        RETURN 1
    END IF
    IF IsValid (inv_error) THEN
        DESTROY inv_error
        RETURN 1
    END IF  


Using The Service

After enabling the service with of_SetError( TRUE ), you should call the of_SetRange() function to map your application specific error severity values to the 4 Windows NT event types (success, error, warning and information. Default ranges are specified in the instance variable section of the object.) The file error_nt.pbl contains a small PFC application that demonstrates the use of all functions in this service.

Download the About the extension contributor


Revision History
04/01/1998 Initial Revision Ver. 1.00

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