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Display Resolution Regulator

Ver. 1.00
Contributed by Ronak Shah



Resize service doesn't open the window occupying exactly same space even when opened in its original size if display settings are different. Also, it doesn't change the size if window is opened already in one settings and settings change.


of_SetDisplayChange( TRUE)


If IsValid( gnv_app.inv_cst_displaychange) Then
    gnv_app.inv_cst_displaychange.of_register( this.ClassName(), 480,& 
End If

Note : You still need resize service of your own. This service is not replacement to resize service, it is supplement to it. However, it is in no way related to PFC's resize service; so you may use resize code of your choice like resize from PowerBuilder Examples or even your own code.

super::Event pfc_postopen()

Note: You have to instantiate or register your resize service before this statement for it to work properly( this includes registering all your objects on screen that you want to be taken care of by resize).   


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Revision History
07/07/1998 Initial Revision Ver. 1.00

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