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PFF Utilities Service

Ver. 1.00
Contributed by Bruce Armstrong



The PB native GetFileOpenName function has several limitations, primarily:

  1. It does not support multiple selection.
  2. It does not allow the developer to specify the directory that is shown by default (though there is a workaround for this by changing the working directory before making the call).
  3. It does not allow the developer to specify the default filename.
  4. It provides the developer with limited ability to control the format of the dialog box shown.

The of_getopenfilename function of PFFUtils supports all of these, as well as many of the other features of the underlying GetOpenFileName function in the Windows API.


To use the of_getopenfilename function, the developer must:

// Declare an instance of the service. It is autoinstatiating:

n_cst_pffutils lnv_pffutils

// Register the parent window from which it is being called.
// (Certain features of the GetOpenFileName function require
// a reference to the parent window of the dialog).

lnv_pffutils.of_register ( this )


// Declare an instance of the n_cst_openfilename_attrib object,
// and populate those attributes that the developer want to change
// from their default settings:

n_cst_openfilename_attrib ln_ofn

ln_ofn.is_filter = 'All Files (*.*),*.*,Zip Files (*.zip),*.zip'
ln_ofn.is_initialdir = 'c:\'
ln_ofn.is_title = 'Attach the following file(s)'
ln_ofn.ib_allowmultiselect = TRUE
ln_ofn.ib_filemustexist = TRUE
ln_ofn.ib_pathmustexist = TRUE
ln_ofn.is_OpenText = 'Attach'


// Call the function, passing it a string array to hold the results
string ls_filename[]

li_rc = lnv_pffutils.of_getopenfilename ( ln_ofn, ls_filename[] )

If there is an error, or if the user cancels or closes the dialog, the return code is -1.  Otherwise, the return code indicates the number of filenames the user selected.   If ib_allowmultiselect is set to FALSE, the developer must still pass a string array, however, the function would only populate the first item (and return 1 upon success).

The supported attributes and their default values are as follows.  With the exception of is_OpenText, the developer should consult documentation for the OpenFileName structure and the GetOpenFileName function in the Windows API for more information.

Attribute Default Description
is_filter 'All Files (*.*),*.*' The filter (same as for PB GetFileOpenName function)
ii_filterindex 1 The element of the filter that should be shown by default
is_initialfile '' The name of the file to show by default
is_initialdir '' The directory to start the dialog in by default
is_title 'Open' The title of the dialog (same as for PB GetFileOpenName)
is_defext '' The file extension to use (same as for PB GetFileOpenName)
is_OpenText 'Open' The text to use in place of 'Open' for the dialog Open button
ib_allowmultiselect FALSE Whether multi-selection is allowed
ib_createprompt FALSE Whether the user is prompted to create the file if it doesn't exist
ib_explorer TRUE Whether the Explorer or old-style dialog box is used
ib_filemustexist TRUE Whether the dialog verifies that the filename actually exists
ib_hidereadonly TRUE Whether 'Read-Only' checkbox on the dialog is hidden
ib_longnames TRUE Whether long names are supported (only for old-style dialogs)
ib_nochangedir FALSE Whether the directory is reset if the user changes it while searching
ib_nodereferencelinks TRUE Whether the filename is resolved if the user selects a shortcut
ib_nolongnames FALSE Whether short filenames are used in the dialog (old-style only)
ib_nonetworkbutton FALSE Whether the Network button is enabled
ib_noreadonlyreturn FALSE Whether the user is required to select non-read-only files
ib_notestfilecreate FALSE Whether the file is created before the dialog closes
ib_pathmustexist TRUE Whether the dialog validates that directory path to the file
ib_readonly FALSE Whether the 'Read-Only' checkbox is initially checked
ib_shareaware TRUE Whether network sharing errors should be ignored
ib_showhelp FALSE Whether the Help button should appear on the dialog



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Revision History
10/03/1998 Initial Revision Ver. 1.00

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