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Windows 95/NT IntelliMouse Service

Ver. 1.00
Contributed by Roy Kiesler



Object Ancestor
n_cst_mousewheel n_base
n_cpp_mousewheel cplusplus





You have probably heard about the Microsoft® IntelliMouse® pointing device with the rotating wheel. The wheel is used by supporting applications as a hardware alternative to scrolling, panning and zooming. It also serves as a middle mouse button.

The features of the IntelliMouse have native support in Windows NT 4.0, but they require the IntelliPoint drivers (shipped with the mouse) to work with Windows 95/98 or earlier versions of Windows NT.

The IntelliMouse service enables PFC applications to scroll the contents of all common controls (not just the listview and treeview controls which are supported in 6.x, but also datawindow, listbox and multi-line edit controls). Future enhancements will include zooming in/out on the contents of datawindow controls.



Using The Service

Instantiate the mouse wheel service object by calling the f_SetMouseWheel global function.
Listing 1:  Declare instance variables for n_cst_appmanager
n_cst_mousewheel        inv_mouse
Listing 2:  Constructor() event for n_cst_appmanager
f_SetMouseWheel( inv_mouse, TRUE )
Listing 3:  Destructor() event for n_cst_appmanager
f_SetMouseWheel( inv_mouse, FALSE )

Service Functionality

The file mousewheel.pbl contains a small PFC application that demonstrates the use of all functions in this service.

Important Notes

n_cpp_mousewheel requires the PBMWHEEL.DLL file. This DLL installs a system-wide hook to interpret WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages. With this DLL in place, your PB application will respond to wheel messages regardless of whether the Intellimouse drivers are installed on your machine or not.


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Revision History
10/03/1998 Initial Revision Ver. 1.00

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