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Multitable Update DataWindow Service FAQ

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I don't get any error message, but none of my tables are getting updated.

Contributed by Sharon Buntz

  1. Try adding a simple MessageBox in the PFC function that strings together the big modify statement to see what is happening behind the scenes.
In pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_multitable's of_update() function [Format 3]:
[line 128]// Modify the datawindow object.
// Temporarily add a MessageBox here to show ls_mod_string 
MessageBox ( "Temporary Debug Message", ls_mod_string )
IF idw_Requestor.Modify ( ls_mod_string ) <> "" THEN Return -2


  1. Double-check the spelling of your table name and your key columns.
In your constructor event for your MultiTable DataWindow control:
string ls_table
string ls_keycols[]
this.of_SetMultiTable (TRUE)
// Register the update characteristics for the Staff Demographics table
ls_table = "pf_staff_demo"
ls_keycols[1] = "pf_staff_demo_staff_id"
// Register the update characteristics for Staff Experience table
ls_table = "pf_staff_experi"
ls_keycols[1] = "pf_staff_experi_staff_id"


  1. If you notice from your MessageBox results that none of your columns are being set to .Update=Yes...

Note that the table owner is disregarded in the logic in the PFC's Multitable update code. Therefore, your problem could be that the of_Update( ) function never finds any matches for columns for each table name. If this is the case, then you will need to make sure that each user is defined as a member of the group for which the table's owner is specified. Ask your DBA for assistance on setting up groups for your users.

Note that the Filter window handles the table owner differently. In the Filter window, the table owner is fetched from the PBODB050.INI file and then appended to the file name.

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Last revised: February 15, 2004 03:58 AM.