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Last Revised: January 02, 2004 08:03:52 AM
05/11/99 Updated the 95/ NT Shell Service

New function - of_ControlPanel function to invoke control panel applets.

3 new C++ functions added:

  • of_PickIconDialog() displays the shell's standard icon selection dialog box.
  • of_ExitWindowsDialog() displays the shell's standard restart/shutdown dialog box.
  • of_RestartWindowsDialog() displays the shell's standard restart dialog box with an option to provide an application-defined text for the reason.

Removed the 5.0 version of the source, no longer maintained by the author.

2/23/99 Added the Context Sesitive help extension contributed by Roy Kiesler .
11/6/98 Added the Idle Service contributed by Bruce Armstrong.  

The service allows to suspend a user session if they leave the application inactive for a certain period of time, and to require re-authentication of the user when they attempt to use the application after that period.

10/20/98 A Pipeline Extension contributed by Savvoulidis Iordanis overcomes the limitation of only one transaction pair and only one pipeline object. 
10/18/98 Added a Recommended books section.

Added The Future of PFC article.
10/04/98 Three new extension contributions:
10/03/98 Added a DropDown Calculator / Calendar Service FAQ section.
10/02/98 Updated the 95/ NT Shell Service.  Bug fixes for of_FileCopy and of_FileDelete functions that gets rid of the system error #1026 when using wildcard parameters.
09/16/98 Added the Wizzard Template extension contributed by Chris Gross .   The extension can be used to provide a standard wizzard interface consistent with the MS feel.
08/31/98 The first few 98 conference pictures are showing up.  See the Battling the Jetlag and Mitchell Kertzman Fan Club pages.  Many more on the way...
08/23/98 Updated the Datastore FAQ page.
07/07/98 Added the Display Resolution Regulator  extension contributed by Ronak Shah.  The extensions allows to open windows occupying exactly same space under different display settings.
06/28/98 Added the Dynamic Filter and Sort Dialog Style extension contributed by Mark DeRosa .  The extension provides the users with an opportunity select  the filter and sort dialog window style.
05/08/98 Added the PFC 6.0 MRU Service article by Boris Gasin . This article was originally published in the April 98 issue of PowerTimes magasine.  To find out more about PowerTimes visit their website at
04/07/98 Added the Internet Service contributed by Roy Kiesler .  The extension provides Dialup, FTP, and HTTP functionality directly from PowerBuilder.
04/01/98 Added the Windows NT Event Logging Service contributed by Roy Kiesler . The extension allows the user to log error messages in the Window NT event log. .
03/17/98 Added the PFC Objects for Non PFC Applications to the download section.  Contributed by Lijun Yang .
03/06/98 Added the Windows 95/NT Shell Programming Service contributed by Roy Kiesler . The extension provides access to many standard windows shell dialogs and functions in shell32.dll .
03/02/98 Added the ISO Calendar Extension. The extension is part of an article in the February 98 issue of PowerTimes. It  adds a new display style to display Moday as a first day of the week.
2/21/98 Updated the Linkage Service FAQ
2/07/98 New Object Factory extension.    The object manager will allow any object (window, nonvisual, visual, etc.) to share business objects with each other.  Objects may be shared at a global, shared or instance level. Very Slick!   Way to go Tim!
1/27/98 Revised the PFC 6.0 Migration article.  Added a section related to the new events mapped to standard event IDs.
1/25/98 Search the newsgroups on Dejanews .
01/20/98 newsgroups.gif (12237 bytes)

Take a look at the web-based news reader for the Powersoft / Sybase Newsgroups.

Updated the Application Manager FAQ.

01/09/98 Updated the Array Service updated.gif (192 bytes)to rev 1.02 .   Added the Progress Bar new3.gif (116 bytes)extension.
01/04/98 Updated the  Miscellaneous and the Resize service FAQ sections.
12/09/97 Updated the Array Service and the Window Manager Service extensions.
11/30/97 Added and updated FAQ documents contributed by Sharon Buntz
updated.gif (192 bytes)  Executable Creation and Deployment,   Resize
new3.gif (116 bytes)GPF Resolutuin Tips , Miscellaneous, PreferenceDropDown Search, Linkage, Multitable Update, Menus, Datastore, SQL SPY
11/18/97 Added a Window Manager Service Extension
11/10/97 Winners of the extension contest are announced!
11/07/97 Added a FAQ section on Executable Creation and Deployment.

Updated the Security Service FAQ cection

10/27/97 Added Required Column Service questions.

Added a Row Manager Service FAQ section.

10/25/97 A new article on pfc_w_master in the pfcmag section.

Updated the Security Scanner FAQ page. Added a checklist.

10/17/97 Help us select the winners of the extension contest ! Visit the Extensions page and vote for your favorite.
10/16/97 Added a new article on PFC 6.0 Migration. The article outlines one possible migration strategy and many migration issues you may face along the way.

New in Download section. Added two PFC 6.0 services exported for use in PFC 5.0 applications. Progress bar and datawindow resize service.

10/14/97 Added an item to the Security Scanner FAQ section.
Added the rotating banner advertising. The advertising content will be restricted to the products related to PFC and PowerBuilder development. I hope you will find our sponsor products useful.
10/13/97 Added the Array Service . The service provides functions to sort data of an array, insert an element into an array, and delete elements from an array.
10/12/97 Added the StatusBar Color Extension . The extension provides the ability to change text and background colors of objects on the status bar. Contributed by Vladimir Uzlaner .
10/06/97 New article on Extending the PFC Multi Table Update Service and the corresponding extension by Stephen Pareles . The extension resolves conflicts between the referential integrity database triggers and the Multi-Table service update sequence.
08/19/97 Added the Numerical Service Extension . Adds additional conversion functions and improves performance of existing operations. Contributed by Lijun Yang .
08/16/97 Added the Selection Service Multi-row extension. Allows the return of values selected from multiple rows.
08/12/97 Added a DDDW search extension, contributed by Paresh Shah. The service allows validation against the values in the DDDW.
08/11/97 Added a Window Help Service, contributed by Tim Roberts. The service provides context sensitive help capabilities.
07/25/97 Added a PFC Quick List - A summary of major PFC objects and services available for each object. Contributed by Howard Block
06/25/97 Added a Message Router FAQ section.
06/09/97 Added an INI / Registry Router extension from Lee Hendricks. Automatically select the source of user and application settings from ini file or the registry