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If you have been using Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 for a while, you should be familiar with the little button. It appears on many of the operating system's dialog boxes, and in many Microsoft software products. Windows applications use it to provide context sensitive help by clicking this button first, and then clicking on any control in a dialog box. As a result, a popup window with a brief description of the control's functionality is displayed.

Savvoulidis Iordanis n_pipeline This extension overcomes the limitation of only one transaction pair and only one pipeline object.  You might think of this user object, as a medium for replicating data across databases.
Bruce Armstrong n_cst_idle Allows to suspend a user session if they leave the application inactive for a certain period of time, and to require re-authentication of the user when they attempt to use the application after that period.
Allows PFC applications to scroll the contents of all common controls using the Intellimouse
Paul Rito u_calendar Adds "next / previous year" navigation to the pfc calendar object.
Bruce Armstrong n_cst_pffutils File open function which provides multiple file selection and a customizable dialog window.
Chris Gross w_wizardmaster u_wizardstepmaster To enhance your PowerBuilder GUI and provide a standard wizzard interface consistent with the MS feel.
Ronak Shah corp_n_cst_appmanager
Open windows occupying exactly same space under different display settings..
Mark DeRosa n_cst_appmanager
Provide the users with an opportunity select  the filter and sort dialog window style.
Roy Kiesler n_cst_wininet32,
A wrapper service for the WinInet dll. Provides internet connectivity and dial-up, FTP and HTTP functions.

The attached pbl contains a demo app that demonstrates how to upload and download files to/from an FTP server and how to obtain live stock quotes from an HTTP site.
Roy Kiesler n_cst_error_nt An extension to the PFC error service which enables the user to log error messages in the Window NT event log.
Roy Kiesler n_cst_winsrv_shell32 Provides access to many standard windows shell dialogs and functions in shell32.dll
Boris Gasin u_calendar Extend the calendar to allow it to display Monday as the first day of the week.
Tim Roberts n_cst_object_factory Object Manager.  Create and share business objects at a global, shared or instance level.

Lijun Yang u_progressbar Make the indicator resizable as the progress bar object is resized

Daria Bullock n_cst_windowmanager
The service provides a generic method for opening any type of window. The service also allows passing multiple values to a window (parameter passing).
Sharon Weinstrom Buntz n_tr
Provides important transaction management functionality to keep your SQLAnywhere database running smoothly.

Lijun Yang n_cst_array Provides functions to sort data of an array, insert an element into an array, and delete elements from an array.

Vladimir Uzlaner w_statusbar
Provides the ability to change text and background colors of objects on the status bar.

Stephen Pareles n_cst_dwsrv_multitable The extension resolves conflicts between the referential integrity database triggers and the Multi-Table service update sequence.
Lijun Yang n_cst_numerical Adds additional conversion functions and improves performance of existing operations.
Boris Gasin n_cst_selection Allows the return of values selected from multiple rows.
Paresh Shah n_cst_dwsrv_dropdownsearch Validates the user enered data against a list of values in the DDDW
Tim Roberts n_cst_winsrv_help Provides context sensitive help
Lee Hendricks n_cst_appmanager Automatically select the source of user and application settings from ini file or the registry.

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