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  1. PFC FaxLine Documents from Powersoft
  2. PFC Mailing List
  3. PowerBulder Mailing Lists
  4. PowerBulder News Groups
  5. Scenic PowerBuilder Sites

PFC FaxLine Documents from Powersoft

- PowerBuilder Foundation Class Library: Upgrade Strategy for Customized Extension Levels
- Building Blocks of a PFC Application
- How to Open Sheets Generically in a PFC Application
- Overview of PFC Services
- How to Use the PFC Error Service
- Customizing Within the PFC Inheritance Hierarchies
- PFC Datawindow Filter Service
- PFC Find and Replace Service
- PFC Datawindow Sort Service
- PFC Datawindow Query Mode Service
- Streamlining PFC Development Tip
- Release Notes for PFC Version 5.0.03
- Extending the PFC to the Corporate and Departmental Levels
- Using the PFC TreeView Object U_TV (PB 5.0, 6.0)
- PFC Datawindow DropDownCalendar Service for PowerBuilder 6.0

Note: Powersoft Faxline documents have been moved.

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PFC Mailing Lists

pfcsig to join send an email to: with: subscribe pfcsig <your email address> in the message body.

Searchable archives for the pfcsig list are available at


pbpfc to join send an email to: with: SUBSCRIBE PBPFC <FirstName> <LastName> in the message body.
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PowerBulder Mailing Lists

User Supported Lists

PB-L to join send e-mail to with: subscribe pb-l <first name> <last name> in the message body.

Searchable archives for the PB-L list are available at

Sybase News Service lists (read only)

inews-beta to join send e-mail to with: subscribe inews-beta <your email address> in the message body.
inews-tech-powerbuilder to join send e-mail to with: subscribe inews-tech-powerbuilder <your email address> in the message body.

Other Instant Sybase News Service lists.

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PowerBulder News Groups

Powersoft / Sybase moderated PowerBuilder newsgroups

Search the newsgroups

Newsgroup-Related FaxLine Documents from Powersoft

- Configuring your Newsreader for Powersoft Newsgroups
- Available Sybase and Powersoft Newsgroups
- NNTP Newsgroups at Sybase, Inc.
- How to Best Utilize Powersoft Newsgroup Services


Unmoderated PowerBuilder newsgroup

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Scenic PowerBuilder Sites Top notch tips, articles, and code samples from Breck Carter
Branick Consulting, Inc. PowerBuilder tips by Larry Cermack Seminars / CDs on PFC , PowerBuilder and SilverStream
Books, white papers, tips from Bill Green
Cheat Sheet for PFC-PowerBuilder Help List of resources for PB & PFC help by Sharon Buntz
Corporate Technology Partners Submit FAQs and Tips Online into a growing database. Tips by Mark Pfeifer.
Credit's Corner Tips, techniques, PFC, articles from Jon Credit
Genesis Software Development Company Tips, techniques, PFC extensions.
Marty's Place PB Pointers, multi-dimensional PFC listview replacement, plus more from Marty Eichelman
PowerBuilder (PFC, API...) and Java tips from Eric Aling
PB&J Webzine The PowerBuilder & Java Journal On-Line. Monthly PFC column.
PowerBuilder API declarations by Don Salomon
PowerBuilder Development Resource Tips, software, PFC. By Ken Howe and Brian Suter
PowerBuilder Links - .PBL Great list of resources by David Levine
Extensive list of PowerBuilder FAQ by Craig Wagner
PowerTeam website A lot of DPB tips samples and othert resources.
PB-L Home Page PowerBuilder List Home. Links, mailing lst signup. By Michael Harmon.
Rik's PowerBuilder Dojo Tips, Articles, PFC. By Rik Brooks.
Tips, good PFC section.  By James Woodger.
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